Three Ways of Proving Dog Owner Liability after a Dog Bite

Our attorneys handle many dog bite cases and see first-hand that the damages after an animal attack can be very, very severe. There are three different ways to prove liability or make sure that you hold the owner or possessor of the dog responsible for your injury.

The first way to do that is through what’s called negligent handling. That just means that a reasonable and prudent owner or possessor of the dog wouldn’t have handled them in the way that they did on the date of the incident.

The second way you can hold a dog owner or possessor responsible is by negligence per se. This is basically a violation of a statute or ordinance which shows that automatically what they did was negligent. What you’re looking for here is the violation of something like a leash law. Determine if your city or area has a leash law and determine whether or not it was violated.

The last way you can hold a dog owner or possessor responsible is something called strict liability. This means that this particular dog had a dangerous propensity that the owner or possessor knew or should have known about.

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