General Negligence, Negligence Per Se, and Dangerous Dog Findings

In Texas, there are three main ways that you can prove liability in a dog bite situation. They are proving that the dog is dangerous, proving negligence per se (which is usually a violation of a leash law), and then just general negligence.

General negligence is a pretty hard standard to prove on some dog bite cases. Most of what you’re going to find is the person is going to be held responsible by negligence per se. Such as via a violation of a local ordinance, like a leash law, for failing to contain or restrain their animal.

The other circumstance is a dangerous dog finding. That means that the dog was involved in a prior incident where it attacked, either bit or scratched, another animal or a person. Oftentimes, if it’s been an actual bite incident, it may have been reported to the city animal control. But in some circumstances, we can find out that there have been prior incidences that were not reported to the city and still argue that this is a dangerous dog.

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