Dog Bites on Public Property

Dog Bites on Public Property

There are three possible ways that you can hold a dog owner or possessor responsible for a dog bite that occurred in a public area.

The first way is through strict liability, which means that the dog that attacked or bit you had propensities that were abnormal to its class, and the owner or possessor of that dog knew about them, or should have known about them.

The second way you can be successful is “negligence per se” which is usually a violation of an ordinance, statute, or law.  In a public area it’s probably going to be a leash law violation – so find out if leash laws were in effect where the incident took place. You may be able to hold them responsible just because of their violation of the leash law that led to the injury.

The last way that you can hold a dog owner or possessor responsible is something called negligent handling. This means the dog owner or possessor handled the dog in a way that a reasonable owner would not have given the circumstances.

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