Dog Bites on Private Property

Generally, dog bites on private property are only going to be successful against the dog owner or possessor in one of two ways.

In Texas, there are three ways to win a dog bite case and hold a dog owner or possessor responsible. However, one of those won’t apply on private property and that is negligence per se.  Negligence per se usually is a violation of an ordinance or a statute like a leash law. But on private property there’s not going to be a leash law standard that has to be complied with.

One of the two ways to win on private property is strict liability. This means the dog had propensities that were abnormal to its class and the owner possessor knew or should have known about them.

The other way to win a dog bite case on private property is by showing that the owner or possessor negligently handled the animal. This means that they handled the dog in a way that a reasonably prudent owner or possessor would not have in the same or similar circumstances.

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