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Injured By a Dog?

In Colorado, dog owners may be held liable for damages when a dog bite resulted in serious injuries, disfigurement, or the death of a loved one.

Dog bite victims are often left with not only physical injuries, but also expensive medical bills, loss of wages due to missed work, and pain and suffering that can negatively affect their quality of life for years to come.

Fortunately, you do not have to face this difficult time alone. The Colorado dog bite lawyers at Zinda Law Group have helped countless injury victims get their lives back on track after an accident. We have the experience necessary to answer your questions and advise you on your legal rights so you are able to make an informed decision on the best way forward.

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Colorado Dog Bite Law

Under Colorado law, if you were injured due to a dog bite, you may have the right to pursue a claim for compensation or damages against the dog’s owner. Even if this was the first time the dog attacked someone, the dog’s owner may be liable. However, it is important to note that the injuries must either be serious, such as an injury resulting in permanent disfigurement, or fatal.

If your injuries were not serious or fatal, it may be possible to file a negligence lawsuit against the owner of the dog. In a negligence suit, you will be required to prove that the owner of the dog did not use reasonable care when restraining or controlling their dog and that this failure was the cause of the dog bite or other dog-related injury.

There are only a handful of circumstances where a dog owner might not be liable for injuries caused by their dog, including instances where:

  • You were attacked while trespassing
  • The dog was being used by law enforcement or military personnel for official duties
  • You were on the dog owner’s property, and the property was clearly marked with posted warning signs, such as “beware of dog” or “no trespassing”
  • You knowingly provoked the dog
  • The dog was hunting, working, herding, farming, or performing other jobs on its owner’s property

Dog bite cases often are emotionally charged, especially when the dog owner and the victim cannot come to an agreement. This is a difficult situation that requires a compassionate dog bite lawyer. A personal injury attorney from Zinda Law Group of Colorado may provide you with that level of representation.

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