Steps After a Dog Bite

What happens after a dog bite varies depending on the procedures of the law enforcement or animal control in your community.  The following is a series of steps that occurs in most cases:

1)  Quarantine the Dog – The dog will be taken into quarantine by either animal control, law enforcement, or the dog’s veterinarian in order to test for signs of rabies.

2)  Dangerous Dog Determination – While in quarantine, animal control or another law enforcement agency will make a determination on whether the dog is ‘dangerous.’  This will be determined based on the type of attack or bite, the dog’s history of dangerous behavior, and the responsibility of the dog’s owners.

3) Release or Other Actions –  Once a determination has been made on whether or not the dog is dangerous, the authorities will decide what steps the owner should be required to take.

If the dog is determined not to be dangerous, the dog will typically be released to the dog’s owner.  If the dog is determined to be dangerous, the dog will either remain in custody or released with conditions placed on the dog’s owners – such as getting insurance and building an enclosure for the animal.

Unfortunately, in the vast majority of cases, dangerous dogs are returned without any precondition placed on the dog’s owners to ensure another attack does not occur.

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